Achievement - Dedicated to successfully achieving goals by providing ideal resources and motivation. Motivating the team to courageously grasp challenges and risks with the implementation of new approaches. Embracing imaginative ideas that satisfy personal growth and self-worth. 

Power - Encourage our team to innovate strategies and decisions that are beneficially encompassing. Empower confidence, ownership, and forward thinking in decision making. Grow a stronger, faster and smarter team.

Innovation - Cultivate an environment to enrich new idea growth. Facilitate proactive and forward-thinking methodologies into conceptual frameworks. Strive to be the difference maker. 

Team Purpose

"To provide Veterans and their families opportunities to make positive contributions in the communities they work and live in."

Team Task

“EmPower our team to be Innovative to Achieve our customers mission”


"To lead, support and serve our entire team with a “Get it Done” attitude that prioritizes our members First."


“Rebellis is not a Team because we work together, Rebellis is a Team because we Respect, Trust and Care for each other.”

Rebellis was started as a dream, not really knowing where we could go, but hopeful that if we ever got there, that we would be different, we would be better, and simply put,  that we were the Rebels everyone said and thought we were. Rebellis is not just a company, we are a team, a team that puts its members health and wellbeing ahead of its profits, a team that treats everyone we come in contact with in a positive manner and acknowledges them for who they are and what they are doing. We are a team that is reliable on each other and has confidence in leadership to make them feel safe physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. We are a team that cares and shows empathy toward each other and as an organization we have the courage and conviction to make a difference in our lives, our teams lives and the lives in our communities.  


Every day I wake up and give praise to God that he gave me the ability and the courage to be a servant to the people I have the honor of leading. Every day I have the responsibility of making decisions that can fundamentally change the course of my family and the families of every single team member that believes in our Task and Purpose at Rebellis. I am accountable for my actions and the actions of everyone we employ, and I am dedicated to everyone who makes the commitment of becoming part of this team.



Darrell K. DeMotta, CEO


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Mikey, CESD

Chief Executive Service Dog