New Mexico Election Commission and Cyber Security - The recent 2016 & 2020 Presidential Election shed light on the significant ramifications of potential vulnerabilities within our election system and the need to both understand and deal with these vulnerabilities before they undermine the legitimacy of our elections, which are the bedrock of our democratic republic. 


Advanced Rural Internet (ARI) Project -  The Advanced Rural Internet (ARI) Project will provide internet access to end users in rural and underserved communities of New Mexico. The ARI project will make affordable high-speed internet available to a significant amount number of homes, business, schools, libraries, medical facilities, government offices and other public places throughout rural areas of the state.

The ARI project is critical to strengthen New Mexico’s economy, improving educational opportunities, and delivering vital health care, public safety and government services.

IT Managed Services

Our Managed Services team uses strategic methods to improve operations and cut expenses. Rebellis can manage our customers services to improve and enhance connectivity and bandwidth, network monitoring, security, virtualization, and disaster recovery. We have the experience to handle Data Loss Prevention (DLP), infrastructure management, storage, desktop and communications, mobility, help desk and technical support.

Data Center Operations

Our team will effectively lower the operational risk, provide secure and dependable data centers that respond to changing customer needs. Utilizing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), Rebellis will manage customer Data Center’s to provide a holistic view of datacenter performance so that all assets are used efficiently and help reduce risks to its operations, enterprise systems and infrastructure.

Service Center Operations

Our Integrated Service Center (ISC)  is comprised of certified, US-based IT professionals. We offer IT support, desk top support and remote network monitoring services . Foundationally the ISC is a Tier 0-4 support model which allows our professionals to appropriately assign incidents and ensure maximum resource utilization with the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Program & Project Management

Our Program  & Project Management team has decades of experience managing programs and projects that work on improving an organization's performance. Rebellis program managers have expert knowledge in fields of industrial engineering, change management, business transformation, and state and federal contracting.

Software & App Development

Our Software and Application Development teams are experts from conception to completion in the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.


Service Partners - "Opportunities increase when you help others win. A win for a partner is a win for Rebellis."